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Cultural Care

Cultural care is based on the assertion that our well-being improves when we have a desire to learn something. In a changing creative combination of innovation and play, the workshops offer teenagers the chance to work on original projects. The workshops are run by professionals.

The options are varied: therapeutic school, multimedia library, music workshops, plastic arts or even physical education. Other more original initiatives have also been started: a fashion space, beauty or hairdressing workshops, cooking workshops, computing, radio studio, theatre and scenery workshops, gardening, sophrology, dance, relaxation, etc.

 The Houses for Teenagers have close ties with educational establishments, school medical staff, doctors and hospital specialists, prevention organizations, administrations, social services, societies. All external professionals are welcome to establish contacts with the Houses for Teenagers.

 The Houses for Teenagers aim to remove the stigma attached to adolescent psychiatry by offering an alternative solution to health-care structures.

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