The Mission of The House for Teenagers Print

The mission of the Houses for Teenagers 

These houses must be easily accessible to teenagers and their families, with extended opening hours to provide continuous care. The houses have four missions:

- Reception, a listening ear, information and orientation
- Evaluation of the adolescent’s problem
- Medical, psychological and psychiatric treatment
- Educational, social and legal support

 The features of the Houses for Teenagers

- Easily accessible, 24/7
- From 12 to 20 years
- Open to the town and to life
- General and multidisciplinary care provision: networking
- Targeted training of the staff

All the questions raised by teenagers are to be found in the House for Teenagers: various urgent somatic complaints, socio-psychological complaints, requests for information and advice. 

The answers to these queries have to be fast and to the point. The teenagers are encouraged to take steps themselves and are counselled and protected along the way.

The next step is to direct the teenagers and their families to internal or external consultations, depending on the needs and requirements. The Houses for Teenagers also play an important role in initiating prevention with respect to the adolescents or professionals.

Consultations by appointment can be made with psychiatrists specialized in adolescence, and also with dieticians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, lawyers, etc.

It is essential to be able to provide a rapid response that is targeted to the request, even if it just takes the form of an evaluation conversation.

In most cases the family should be involved systematically so that mobile help can be provided as quickly as possible in order to avoid hospitalization, which would involve taking the young person out of their everyday environment.

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