The functioning of a House for Teenagers Print

The functioning of a House for Teenagers: the importance of networking

The functioning of Houses for Teenagers is based upon a multidisciplinary, therapeutic, social, juridical and educational approach, conducted to different forms and combinations and developed in the framework of an intense networking. Existing actors are definitely to be not replaced, but rather are encouraged to cooperate in the setting up of partnerships.

From the first contact with a young person a care strategy should be drawn up according to each situation, calling upon a synergy of actors operating in various areas

To achieve this global approach to the young person, psychologists and psychiatrists need to work together. These professionals must be specialized in the field of adolescence (an area of medicine that is still in its infancy), and have been trained in the psychic movements of adolescence and the various symptomatic expressions as well as interactions that result.

 The Houses for Teenagers must be able to respond to every adolescent pathology: school tiredness, family crisis, eating disorders, present-day pathologies, identity crisis etc.

 These houses also play a supporting role to the professional world as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, information and experience.

It is also necessary that the houses provide assistance to the adults in their parental role towards the teenagers and that proper attention is paid to care, information and prevention.

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