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Opening of the new House for teenagers in Brussels : AREA+ Print

Opening of the new House for teenagers in Brussels : AREA+

On the 1st of july 2015, AREA+, the new house for teenagers opened in Brussels, at the initiative of the Epsylon group.

During the inauguration, Pr Marcel Rufo and Mrs Bernadette Chirac gave a speech, along with the Belgian Ministers Hervé Jamar, Didier Gosuin and the Mayor of Uccle, Armand De Decker.

Visits can be organized at request. Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Affiliated structures

Several existing structures, specialized in the care for adolescents suffering from psychological disorders are affiliated with the network of Action for Teens.

I. - La Maison de Solenn (France) :

II.- The Adolescent Unit of the hospital "La Ramée" (Belgium)

Doctor Serge GOFFINET, head of service.
Doctor Judith DEREAU, assistant-head of the psychiatric unit 

Part of the Groupe Hospitalier Fond'Roy-La Ramée, based in Uccle (Brussels), Belgium

Brief description:
Open unit with 15 beds. Admission of patients from age 12 to age 19 on a voluntary basis.
50% of the adolescents suffer from eating disorders and 50% of general psychiatric troubles.

For those youngsters, a house called "lycée thérapeutique" located near but separated from the hospital offers individual or class lessons given by three official teachers for 50 % of the day, and 50 % of therapeutic workshops, individual therapeutic sessions, group sessions...
The theoretical references of the unit are psycho analytic and systemic.

An additional 10 beds are reserved for young adults (age 20 to age 25) which show the same characteristics as adolescents (50 % eating disorders and 50% general psychiatric troubles). A specific program is developed for those young adults. The accent is put on individual sessions and family session, focused on autonomy and creativity.

III- Marseille : "Espace Mediterranéen de l'Adolescence (EMA): a network policy for the care of adolescents"

"Marseille is a large agglomeration requiring the installation of a network to facilitate synergies between different areas. Pr Rufo describes hereafter the various aspects of his project, including full or partial hospitalization, consultations or emergency services.

In any case, the project maintains the specificities of cultural care, and emphasizes research and education."
Prof. Marcel Rufo.


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