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As an umbrella organisation, Action for Teens is governed by its Members, who meet at least once a year for a General Assembly.
A Board of Directors entrusted with all powers to meet the goals of the international organisation is composed of elected members and meets twice a year. The General Assembly and Board meetings are chaired by the President, who is elected by the members for a renewable mandate of 5 years. The daily management is coordinated and executed by the Secretariat General.



Dr. Marc Derély (Brussels)
Head of service at "Clinique La Ramée"
President of the Board of Directors of the Epyslon group (ex-Group La Ramée-Fond'Roy)

General Assembly

The General Assembly which is composed of all the voting members of the organisation, meets once a year to, approve the organisation's action plan and budget, vote on statutory changes, elect new members…

The General Assembly is composed of:

Professor Dr. Peter Adriaenssens (Leuven)
Dr. Ann d'Alcantara (Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve)
Professor Dr. Peter Adriaenssens (Leuven)
Dr. Ann d'Alcantara (Leuven / Louvain-la-Neuve)
Dr. Eric Debersaques (Brussels)
Professor Dr. Véronique Delvenne (Brussels)
Dr.Marc Derély (Brussels)
Dr. Serge Goffinet (Brussels)
Prof. Annik Lampo (Brussels)
Dr.Jean-Paul Matot (Brussels)
Dr. André Passelecq (Brussels)
Prof. Philippe Van Meerbeeck  (Louvain-la-Neuve)
Prof. Nicolas Zdanowicz (Mont-Godinne / Louvain-la-Neuve)

Prof. Philippe Jeammet (Paris)
Prof. Marie-Rose Moro (Paris)
Prof. Xavier Pommereau (Bordeaux)
Prof. Marcel Rufo (Marseille)

Prof. Graziella Fava Vizziello (Padova)
Prof. Eugenia Pelanda (Milano)
Prof. Lenio Rizzo (Treviso)

Prof. Sigita Lesinskiene (Vilnius)

Dr. Annemie Vandersmissen (Rotterdam)

Dr. Alberto Lasa (Bilbao)
Dr. Asuncion Soriano (Barcelona)

Prof. Woody Caan (Cambridge)
Prof. Swaran Singh (Warwick)

Prof. Patrick Haemmerle (Fribourg)
Prof. Pierre-André Michaud (Lausanne)

Candidate members

Prof. Anne Kleinberg (Tallinn)

Prof. Romuald Brunner (Heidelberg)

Board of Directors

Dr. Marc Derély: president
Prof. Peter Adriaenssens: vice president
Dr. Eric Debersaques: treasurer
Dr. Marcel Rufo: president of the scientific committee
Dr. Lenio Rizzo
Prof. Patrick Haemmerle

Scientific committee

Prof. Peter ADRIAENSSENS (Leuven)
Dr. Ann d’ALCANTARA (Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve)
Dr. Eric DEBERSAQUES (Brussels)
Prof. Véronique DELVENNE (Brussels)
Dr. Marc DERELY (Brussels)
Prof. Graziella FAVA VIZZIELLO (Padova)
Dr. Serge GOFFINET (Brussels)
Prof. Patrick HAEMMERLE (Fribourg)
Prof. Philippe JEAMMET (Paris)
Prof. Jean-Paul MATOT (Brussels)
Prof. Pierre-André MICHAUD (Lausanne)
Prof. Marie-Rose MORO (Paris)
Dr. André PASSELECQ (Brussels)
Prof. Eugenia PELANDA (Milano)
Prof. Xavier POMMEREAU (Bordeaux)
Prof. Lenio RIZZO (Treviso)
Prof. Marcel RUFO (Marseille)
Prof. Eulalia TORRAS ARMANGUE (Barcelona)
Prof. Philippe VANMEERBEECK (Louvain-la-Neuve)
Prof. Nicolas ZDANOWICZ (Mont-Godinne/Louvain-la-Neuve)

General Secretariat

Martine De Clerck
Isabelle De Schrijver

Supporting Committee

The Supporting Committee assists the General Secretariat in seeking sponsorship opportunities, organizing fundraising events and supporting the organisation in its external communication.
The Supporting Committee is composed of volunteers and is currently co-chaired by Christine Geubelle and Natacha Mestdagh.
The activities of the Supporting Committee are coordinated with the activities of the General Secretariat through regular meetings.
The chairwomen of the Supporting Committee attend the General Assemblies and the Board meetings as an observer.

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