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The European network of experts is an open and innovating think tank which centralises experiences and expertise in order to advocate and support the creation of care facilities adapted to adolescents in crisis.

Action for Teens’ objectives are:

To support all initiatives that contribute to an open, integrated, multidisciplinary care, adapted to adolescents in crisis;
it stimulates European cooperation and raises awareness on the subject toward European and national governments

In order to fulfil its mission the General Secretariat undertakes necessary activities to:
- Facilitate training, study visits and traineeships for its members
- Collect, exchange, share and develop expertise, knowledge, experience and good practises
- Support and offer practical help for the creation of adapted care facilities
- think tank in search of solutions
- Raise awareness towards the general public, the national, regional and European authorities
- Promote the specialisation in medical training on adolescence
- Take special care of detection and prevention of troubles and « mal de vivre » in youngsters
- Provide representation of its members at the European and international  institutions;
- Collaborate in the framework of a European network.

Action for Teens promotes the full respect and compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


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